Wednesday, February 2, 2011

USB Detection - originally posted on velocity reviews

My PC seems to be having problems installing hardware which uses a USB connection, it either fails to install the hardware or installs it within my device manager with a yellow question mark, when I right click and go to properties I get the message 'this device cannot start [code10]' or 'this device is not configured properly, [code1]'

Even when it appears in my device manager without any apparent problems the hardware still does not show up in my control panel and is unusable. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times but am getting nowhere.

I would be really grateful if anyone had any ideas.

Thanks Rick

1. Go to the device manager
2. Right click on the hardware with the yellow question mark.
3. Click uninstall. The list will refresh itself and the hardware you uninstalled will be removed. Don't forget where it was listed under as you will need that for the next step.
4. Right click on it's (the one you just uninstalled) parent hardware
5. Click scan for hardware changes

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Malitta said...

Upgrading your OS to win 7 will also do the trick ;)