Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's not my fault

This was something I picked up from the bag in which my breakfast came in. The poem took me back to my school days where some of us were very mischievous, thought I should give some credit to the author by publishing it in my blog.

It's not my fault
It isn't fair
It's not my gum
In Jenny's hair

It wasn't me
I didn't do it
The brick was his
I know he threw it

I wasn't there
What broken dish?
It's not my turn
To feed the fish

What missing cake?
Which chocolate cake?
I didn't push her
In the lake

It isn't fair
Why pick on me?
When I leave school
Just wait and see


Anonymous said...

do u know who is the author plz?

ThE uSeFuL said...

I'm sorry I can't recall. It was my mistake that I didn't mention him/her in the first place.

Anonymous said...

It's by John Kitching

Just me said...

What missing sweets? Which chocolate cake?