Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two things I like about facebook timeline

I should say that I also some what agree with the buzz about how annoying the new timeline feature is. As it is said that facebook timeline is not going to be an optional feature anymore. Facebook will gradually turn all its user's profiles in to the timeline mode. However you will get 7 days trail period to recheck your privacy settings. With the new timeline. You will really have to re-think about your privacy settings. Most of the complains about the change in privacy settings.

In spite of the change in privacy settings I found the UI interesting. I should say that the previous statement is kind of biased as I was anyway a fan of timelines. :) Even though facebook followed the same concept in its old profile page the new presentation is the trick here. They would have easily saved the privacy settings if they really wanted it and the users wouldn't have found it annoying. The next best thing about the new UI is the cover photo. It kind of lightened up everybody's profiles...

I was reading their blog and saw their promotion about new apps introduced for the timeline. I still don't know how it will turn out. Anyways, two things you have to remember,

1. Get the timeline trial
2. Check settings

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