Thursday, May 29, 2014

New yahoo mail

Today when I typed in in my browser (that’s what I normally type to log in to my mail) it took me I’m started to think that they are quite serious about marketing other than identifying it as a bug. It is not the only change I saw so far. I have listed some interesting changes they have made below.

The love templates: They had this for the last valentines I think it would be handy to have it everyday and with more templates like cover letters for job interviews.

Loving the new in mail search

Its quite interesting to generate and embed a preview of the links you include in mails. Anyhow I think something is wrong somewhere because I sometimes find this bit buggy.

Now you can view attachments easily

Finally they have decided to support the chain mail concept. My Gmail friends always use to bug me for not having it yahoo.

As a yahoo mail fan I’m happy the way things are turning out or at least the attempt they are putting. It would be great if they could also look into the crashes in the mail. I sometimes have to stare at it for a while till it decides to open up the composing window or a selected mail. Typing in has always been the fix for me luckily they don't redirect it to their home page when you are logged in to the mail.

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Anonymous said...

Password protected files (e.g. pdf files) require download. The new feature does not support viewing of password protected files.