Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is your hobby?

A common question everyone would ask and I quite sure that you have been asked the same more than once. You might have experiences from your school days or may be in job interviews. Hobbies most of time shows what your like, your aesthetics and etc. It is something that you do apart from what you do mainly. Something apart from what you do for living or studying if you are still schooling. But if you are employed part time, would that be your hobby? Hobby should be something that you do spend your spare time. Ideally you should be doing what you like. It will relax you and help with your health. So if you are in to charity and works for a charity organization part time, your part time employment will be your hobby. But it is bit tricky...

For you tell I was in two minds earlier to answer the question, what is your hobby? Because I wasn’t clear what it should be. Guess I know now and I think I have a long list starting from involved in charity. But I would say I like to write and I have a blog. Writing for a blog is also a charity in one way as it is available for the whole world to read. Of cause please write something useful, well at least things you think useful. Sharing a personal experience will always be useful. No wonder why they ask us to respect elders. Sometime elders have less understanding of modern trends but they have lived there lives enough gain more experience than us.

Ooops back to the topic again...
So think of something you like to do when somebody asks, what’s your hobby? Don’t say that you like to work as it is unhealthy and even if you are a sportsman/sportswoman, actor/actress you should have a hobby. Then again one would say that if you find a job you like you will not have to work a single day. Something for you to think about, hope you didn’t get lost any where among the sentences.

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