Friday, April 16, 2010

Beautiful Sri Lanka – Is this another spam mail? – NO, I have visited most of these places

With the ending of the war against terrorism, and Sri Lanka’s ground security situation rapidly returning to normalcy, there is certainly considerable focus and interest on the tourism sector, which is expected to bounce back very soon. Read more

Fast Facts about Sri Lanka (source: lonelyplanet)
Number of waterfalls: 103
Highest waterfall: Bambarakanda Falls (240m)
Population: 21.1 million
Tip top sportsman: Muttiah Muralitharan (spin bowler)
Cost of a new three-wheeler: US$3500
Adult literacy: female 90%, male 95%
Life expectancy: female 77, male 73
Population density per sq km: Colombo 2500 people, dry zone less than 50.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to visit. Recently I happen to get several mails (spams rather) about tourist destinations in Sri Lanka and some photos were unbelievably beautiful.

I recently got this mail with the subject “Beautiful Sri Lanka” and I think you can trust this one as I have visted most of the places mentioned in that mail. Another pieace of advice I would like to give tourist is that always carry a map and be informed (read about Sri Lankan tourist destinations) prior to visiting Sri Lanka. Because you might end up with a fake tourist guide. If it is place/person recommended by the Sri Lanka tourist board then you have some assurance. Else do your research prior to selecting your tour guide. Here are the photos I got from the mail with subject “Beautiful Sri Lanka”. They are real. I have been there. Enjoy!!!

Colourful Rock Formations - Aberdeen Falls , Ginigathhena

Waterfall and the Explorer - Fishing Huts, Maskeliya
Adams Peak falls at the edge of Mausakelle resevior - Maskeliya
View of a paddy field with mountains and blue sky in the back-drop, Mahiyanganaya
Giant Boiler at st.Clair Tea Centre - Thalawakele
Green Bee-eater - Vilpattu National Park
Frescoes - Sigiriya UNESCO World Heritage Site
A family of Sri Lanka deer - Vilpattu National Park
Lonely, wind battered tree at Reverstan peak - Knuckles mountain range
A herd of elephants marching towards water - Minneriya National Park
A Buddhist Monk Meditating - "Ruwanmali Stupa", Anuradhapura
Portrait of a water buffalo
A flock of Open-Bills flying over a lake at dusk - Minneriya
Quite and peaceful morning at MahaEliya (Horton Plains)
Tranquility of early morning at Horton Plains
Close up of a Pitcher Plant - Sinharaja Rain Forest
Light filter through the storm clouds gathered above paddy fields - Mahiyanganaya
A Hill slope prepared for paddy cultivation - Kaikawala, Udadumbara
Mausakelle Reservoir in a Misty Morning - Maskeliya
After a rough journey through hills, Mahaweli river calms down in north central plains
Elderly woman, plucking tea leaves in a low land plantation - Kudawa, Rathnapura
Dawn at Attala-Mettuwa (Corbett's Gap) - Dumbara (Knuckles) Mountains
Nilaveli - Trincomalee (Trinco)

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Driving through Sri Lanka's Central Region (watch the video here)

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7 Reasons Why Sri Lanka is More Badass Than You Could Ever Hope to Be