Thursday, November 12, 2009

Having two ears and one mouth

This was something my parents kept on reminding when I was a child. Didn’t understand it then as I had less to share, other than about the cartoons I watched and trips I went. That was not much of detail for me but my parents insists that I talk too much. I being a Buddhist had to read the Buddhist philosophy. From there I learnt that wise men only talk what is useful.

As I grew older I realized that I need to be responsible for the things that go out of my mouth. I was held responsible for once or thrice and the message registered in my mind, speak wisely all the time. It is quite true that your thoughts become your words. Then what does it mean when somebody says that I didn’t mean to say that? I think that is only because the person had both thoughts (positive and negative) in his/her mind and in the end the negative came out to mess things up. So I think it is sometimes unfair to judge from the things people say. But once told you cannot get it back. So be careful about what you jabber...

Well about the part where I told about talking useful stuff. Why would you want to waste your energy and time talking crap? But there is no harm saying hello to someone you missed even if you have nothing to say, may be talk about something he/she likes to talk about even though you find it crap. The other option is to give a missed call. If somebody is interested in what you say and likes to spend time with you just talking crap, I think you are doing something useful; tricky, yeah? But the golden rule should be to keep in mind that you are responsible to things you say, unless if you are drunk :-)

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