Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SEO site review session (Google I/O 2010) at a glance

I'm a great fan of Matt Cutts. Well I should be, since I belong to the SEO industry. Matt Cutts recently organized a SEO site review session. I saw the video and thought of summarizing the topics discussed for the benefit of the majority. I also have the video if you have an hour to spare.

In this session Matt and his colleagues pointed out both SEO and non SEO tips related to online marketing.

  • Google give less preference to the content in meta tags
  • Keyword density of the page is very important
  • Google like genuine content
  • Use Google webmaster central tools to see how google sees your site and for many more other features
  • How to optimize a photo blog for search engines and the importance of user generated content
  • SEO knowledge for copy writers
  • Be aware of hackers

  • Be aware of SEO companies and web development companies, they might not be telling the truth always
  • Order the items in your layout according to level of importance/relevance to the visitor
  • A personal blog and a corporate blog are always two things
  • SEM should be backed up by other means of online marketing like press releases, affiliate, spam and etc.
  • Consider cross browser compatibility and compatibility for different screen sizes of your design

And oh the 1 hour long video...Enjoy!

Click here to view the original post by Matt Cutts


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