Monday, June 28, 2010

Why you should not think but Google?

  • It saves time
  • Can get to know several view points of the same idea
  • Google search is logical
Let me take you back to the days you first heard about fire. You probably came to know that in olden days man made fire by rubbing two stones or sticks together. As the human evolved more easy and innovative methods came up and you picked the most convenient way to use it. If somebody thinks of fire now, the first thing that will come to his/her mind will not be stones and sticks. He/She will start thinking at least from a match box. Learning is a fast way of gathering experience and if you want to accelerate your development you should always keep on learning. Thanks to information technology most of the knowledge of the human civilization is documented digitally. So this why I think you should Google your problem first as you will get several leads, many view points and lot of resources to think on. Next time when somebody accuses you of googling without thinking, here is a point you can make. But I really don't encourage anyone copying another person's hard work without giving due credit. Google to learn, not to copy.

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