Sunday, October 17, 2010

3 reasons why any person would want to become rich

Can you remember the last time you got annoyed,
  • when one of your co-workers back stabbed you to get that promotion
  • when that guy in the shop overcharged you
  • when that bus conductor purposely escaped with your balance
  • when that three wheel (taxi) driver overcharged you

I’m sure your mind is taking you for a ride in your memories by now. I’m sure we all are hard working to achieve one common goal, which is to improve our living standards. One could say differences in income levels and quality of lives motivates people to work hard to achieve higher levels and the others to maintain their standards. But the sad story is that no matter whatever they do some remains poor always. This is not a problem to which we could find an answer easily. Have you ever thought when your co-worker back stabbed you (or when one of the above mentioned or a similar thing happened) that he/she is just trying to make his/her life better. It is bit unfair to make somebody Else's life miserable to make your own better but don’t you think he/she must have run out of options? Not all could be sympathized in this manner. Some cases are genuine and most are not. This chaos will remain till people learn to lead a simple lifestyle.

In a world where almost everything come with a price tag, the genuine motives to become rich would be,

Health needs
- Provide his/ her family with the best food
- Consult the best doctor when his/her family need medical attention
- To fill his/her home with all the comforts
- Every parent tries to put their children to the best school because they understand the importance
Reliable transportation
- Having your own vehicle is always reliable than depending on public transportation
If you are a man, then to impress your wife/girlfriend

There could also be few reasons why some can never be rich.
  • Lack of Financial Intelligence
  • Pride: Some feel too big to start small
  • Lack of saving culture
  • Laziness


Dilshan said...

I agreed with your 3 motive factors, but I like to say it with one word: People like to become rich because of their "Needs". Every people trapped in an endless cycle of needs, so they always find some way to become rich to complete (?) each round of this cycle.

ThE uSeFuL said...

Thanks for the contribution :)

Anonymous said...

Are you sympathising people who behave unethically?

ThE uSeFuL said...

Not in general but some cases are genuine.