Thursday, September 9, 2010

Windows runs chkdisk on most of the time I boot my machine

Past few days my PC gave me a hell of a time. Sometimes after the chkdisk finishes some of my files (windows and other software) are missing. Therefore I had to reinstall them and sometimes the whole OS itself. Later I noticed that on some boot ups my PS2 mouse also does not get detected. I switched to linux as solution since I couldn’t think of any other option. I couldn’t survive one single day on linux because I failed to configure my usb modem on linux. It was some PPOE/PPOA issue. I’m using an Allied Telesyn, AT-AR206 USB modem. Well I wasn’t techy enough to sort that out. Then I was starring at windows in no time with the problem running in back of my head. I took a risk and changed my PS2 mouse to an USB. Now it has been a week (I’m a regular user) and windows never ran chkdisk on any start up since then. I didn’t experience any failures in detecting my mouse as well.

I’m still in the hunt for a technical explanation for what really happened there. Can I think that due to some mother board (Intel DG 31PR) error my PS2 mouse (Genius) failed and my hard disk (SATA) also got corrupted at the same time? According to my knowledge windows run chkdisk when it feels that the hard disk is corrupted (may be due to improper shutdown).

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Anonymous said...

I don't see how a faulty motherboard could harm your hard disk. There is a possibility for that in a case of a short circuit. But I think it would have been a coincidence in your case.