Friday, August 13, 2010

My boss thinks I’m psychic

Actually this was an experience from my previous work place. I was in the marketing team back then and I was in charge of SEO and selling company’s products in Amazon. Above all marketers was her, our manager. She was a very busy person with a very tight schedule even though you’ll see her smoking around 5-6 times a day, jumping from bridges and sometimes across the globe traveling. She loved ideas flowing from bottom up. Even when I was not involved in marketing she wanted to hear my ideas as well. I soon became one of her favourites because she found my ideas interesting. It also helped me to join the marketing team. It was not because my ideas were new. She told me that I came up with ideas which they have already researched, discussed and agreed upon. Me not being involved in any decision making had no way of knowing what they were planning, and I am not nosy (I’m not interested in others’ businesses). I had my social networks organized to the maximum. That was my secret. Ah! Yeah I’m going to share some tips with you, yes :-)
  • I follow the correct people on twitter
  • I have subscribed to the people/pages/groups in my trade on facebook
  • I have subscribed to emails/blog updates of individuals and companies of my trade
  • When I read the paper I pick articles in the order of relevance to my trade (I never had time to read a paper fully)
  • I never let my facebook/twitter home pages get filled up with spam. I always use the filters available and in twitter of cause I simply stop following spammers
I was awake during company meetings, group sessions, reviews and training sessions
(Don’t rely on meeting minutes or documentation you get. They might sometimes not contain everything discussed. So always stay awake)


John said...

Good tips :)

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Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing, Tula, it's interesting... :-)

ThE uSeFuL said...

@Sandra, np

Anonymous said...

twitter lists could come in handy too...