Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pair bluetooth device - Mac (connecting and configuring bluetooth devices)

In today's lesson I'll show you how you could pair your mac with a bluetooth device. A bluetooth device can be of any nature not necessary another mac. When paired you can send/receive files and even share common directories for file sharing. The following are few self explanatory screen shots which will guide you through the process.

Find the bluetooth icon in the top menu and got to "setup bluetooth device".

If the bluetooth device you are going pair with is discoverable, it will get listed. Select the device and click continue.

You mac will then try to pair the selected bluetooth device. Accept/enter the code when prompted in the other device.

Once you have successfully paired the two devices you can configure what type of sharing you are going to do with the paired device from system preferences -> sharing (specially if you are pairing with another mac)

If you pair another mac using the above settings, your mac will appear in your finder as below. Accessibility of that mac's folders and files will depend on how that mac is configured for bluetooth pairing (sharing).

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