Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mac OSX Mountain Lion unidentified developer

Looks like Apple is serious about provisioning and developer certificates for Mac apps from their latest Mac OSX version (10.8 - Mountain Lion). It has always being the case for iOS apps but not for Mac apps. Just got this error while trying to install Fink

However the good news is that there still exists a work around. Unbelievably simple one. Just right click and open instead of double clicking. Doing so Apple allows you open it if you still wish to (even after the warning about it's authenticity).


A mac developer said...

Note to developers,
If you are not willing to submit your mac app to the Apple's mac App Store then you should sign your app using a Developer ID certificate. If you are not willing to pay anything for Apple your customers will get the above error and as explained above they will have to go through the work around.

Anonymous said...

You could also press Ctrl while opening the app