Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Account access denied - paypal

Just got an email with subject "Account access denied" from paypal (see screenshot below). The mail said that there have been an unauthorized access to my account and I'm required to verify my account by clicking on a link given in the mail. As a best practice I never click on links inside emails. I copy pasted the link in my web browser and it didn't take me anywhere but to the paypal homepage. This confirmed my initial doubt about this being a probable scam. I was right, I checked on the url to which actually the given text has been linked to and it was fraudulent. Finally I ended up forwarding the entire mail to spoof@paypal.com (which is what a responsible citizen of planet earth should do). Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Ver good, 'responsible citizen of planet earth'! ;-)


This information is very useful for me. Thanking you for posting:-)