Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Window Shopping

Shopping does not come anywhere in my list of priorities. I will visit a shop if I wanted something. Will be bit disappointed if I have to go to more than one place in order to find something. Ok girls you won, sometime we do have to do some window shopping. Thanks to the internet I can get a machine to help me.

Something I noticed in most commercial websites is that they always have some kind of offer. I sometimes wondered won’t the customers get bored and all. But then again would everyone notice unless they visit the site? It is not like having a promotion in the shop in your lane. Just imagine you experiencing a promotion in a shop every single day you pass it; promotion for a new item is fine, but say a discount offer? I don’t think. You might starting to wonder why all the discounts. Same goes with the television, radio, poster, banner advertisements and etc. But on the web you can give discounts everyday.

I wasn’t actually window shopping. My manager wanted some online marketing ideas and I was looking for them. Back at the university I sat for several subjects in which contained marketing, internet and ecommerce. So had a bit of a stable background to move on with but wasn’t enough to impress my manager. So as usual I did a google search. It gave me about 44,500,000 for online marketing ideas. (0.32 seconds) Valuable info but who can read them all? I had a deadline to achieve. So instead of getting help from an expert I myself step up to the road and did some window shopping to get an idea about what others are doing. i.e. I browsed my competitors’ websites. People can learn from their mistakes and also from the mistakes which others make.

So next time when your manager wants new ideas do some window shopping, it helped me:-)

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