Monday, December 21, 2009

How to setup a website for your business for free?

First of I would like to say that free stuff do have something less than the stuff you pay for. But the setup I’m going to talk about is so much close to you getting that perfect product for free.

Ok this how it goes,
  1. Find a good web template (there are lot available for free)
  2. Customize it to fit your business. Getting an idea from one website is copying but learning from more than one site is research ;-). So don’t forget to do your research.
  3. Use a free hosting service or set it up as a blog (its free).
  4. If you need to do market research with the help of your site’s visitors, then the free and easy way to setup a questionnaire is by using google docs.
  5. You can create a contact form for free using wufoo.
  6. Use google analytics to monitor site usage and trends.
  7. No need of payment gateways and all those advance code, use paypal (paypal website integreation, step by step guide)
  8. Paypal will store your customers’ details free of charge.

And Oh!
When things are free as I said before there can be small short comings. As per this one it is the payment method. Your customers will be forced to use paypal hence they will have no other options. But there are benefits as well. Authentication is totally handled by paypal and its hazel free for us and our customers can be surer about their payment as they are doing their payments through a trusted party (paypal).

The next cheapest option
The next cheapest way to get an online presence is to setup a store in amazon or ebay. Both amazon and ebay provide personalized stores with advance features for marketing. You can write your own html and css and create a world of your own inside it.

Ok then have fun selling…

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