Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to be optimistic when your site is slow?

Did you know that how quick your site gets loaded to your customer (or reader) does really matter? This is quite true unless of cause if the visitor desperately wants to see your content or you are market major like Apple.

Experts say that it is also easy for search engine crawlers to find your site (it will take less time to grasp your content) when your sites loads faster. They also say that your page should be less than 3 clicks away to the user; else the probability of your page getting his/her attention will be low. I think the click he/she makes in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) should also be counted. So if your site is slow then there is a high probability for you to lose your customer.

If you ask an expert (or if you Google) you will find lots of reasons why your site should load fast.

Can you still be optimistic and work on it?
Can you still convince your marketing manager with alternative options till you fix the problem?

Well I think it is a golden rule that your site should load fast. But it also doesn’t mean that you should compromise anything. What you must do is to identify your priorities and decide on what can wait (load slowly) and what must load fast if you can’t make the whole site load fast. Sometimes the marketing people could be very demanding.

If you can’t make the page load faster or it requires some development time you will have to think of alternatives. One alternative you can think of is to keep the user occupied with something. Give him/her something look at or read. In the mean time he should also notice that his/her early requirement is being processed simultaneously (hello! the progress bar). But that should not distract him from the initial goal as he/she might no longer be interested in seen what he/she came to see then. Something for Marketing and IT to work together ;-)

Happy Marketing, Guys!!!

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