Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 things you should remember when copying content to your site

  1. Don’t use the same title as of the original article
  2. Don’t use the same browser title as of the original article
  3. Don’t use keywords which the original article get indexed in your title or browser title
  • Be humble enough to mention the source(s) - not relevant to search engine optimization though

Search engines will give first priority to your content if it thinks that you are a more reliable source. To gets thing clearer let’s hear it from a professional.

Search engines mainly deal with duplicate content by choosing one of the pages to be authoritative, and filtering out all the rest from the search engine results. After all, Google is in the business of providing hyper-relevant results, so why would they want to present what amounts to the same page multiple times to a searcher? Now all those other pages are not necessarily penalized in any way, they are just not returned in search results and often they are not even indexed at all. For example, if a search engine finds duplicate content on two or more different domains, they will only choose one of these pages to list in their index. And you can still lose out on being listed in search engine results even if you own the content.

John Somerton
Ozone Search Engine Marketing

I didn’t write this article with the intention of helping webmasters who copy content illegally. This is just for the webmasters to know the possibilities. Sometimes knowing how you could be tricked will save you from being tricked.

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