Monday, May 10, 2010

How to group facebook fan pages and organize updates?

Facebook fan pages are very good for celebrities, companies and professionals to let the world know what they are doing and latest news from the industry of expertise. Say you are following your competitors on facebook. Did you know that you could at a glance see what they are up to just by being in your home page? I know you could go to their profiles everyday or subscribe via sms, but I think if you get all the updates in one single page you get the chance to compare and I also think that it is more detailed and convenient than a text update on your mobile with a text limit. Also you will not want to spend your time on unnecessary updates and you will not want to read about what your friend had for breakfast when you are looking for updates from your fan or resource of your expertise or competitor. Unless you are a fan of your friend :s

I hope you are familiar with grouping friends and its uses. Did you know that you can experience the same benefits with fan pages?

  • Go to Account -> Edit friends
  • Like you group friends (normal profiles) you can group pages as well
  • Once you have grouped your pages, go to home
  • Click on friends and you will find all the groups (for friends + pages) you have created and then click on the group to see the updates

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